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Live long and prosper

We're not so good at Goodbyes...
especially after 14 years, but this is it.
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Our Open Source legacy, fork away!

FrostWire for Android
Git Repo - Last Installer: Github | SourceForge - GPL3/Apache2
FrostWire for Desktop
Git Repo - Last Installers: Github | SourceForge - GPL3/Apache2
A full featured high level swig Java interface for libtorrent, develop your own high performance torrent client
Git Repo - MIT License
A light-weight, in-memory, fast and simple to use search engine library
Git Repo - MIT License
FrostWire JMPlayer
The frostwire-jmplayer project (JMPlayer) contains the sources for the frostwire media player.
Git Repo - GPL2

Our Creative-Commons music distribution legacy

Thanks to all the content creators that believed in us and the power of free music distribution over the years.
September 2004 - September 2018