Protect Your Privacy

VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network. It is a way to secure (encrypt) communication between two or more devices in order to protect it from snooping, censorship or other unwanted interference. VPNs can also serve as a proxy masking user’s IP address providing anonymity and letting the user surf the web and download without fear of being watched.

Do I need a VPN to download with FrostWire?

Using a VPN to download with FrostWire is not required, but very, very strongly recommended in order to:

  • Ensure your privacy and anonymity to prevent any outside party from monitoring what you download
  • Prevent ISPs (Internet Service Providers) from throttling or blocking connection to the BitTorrent network
  • Bypass content filters and firewalls
  • Unblock YouTube content not otherwise available in your country

Using a VPN service whenever connected to the internet also will:

  • Encrypt your data so you don’t have to worry about your passwords or other sensitive information being intercepted (especially important when connected to a public Wi-fi network)
  • Make it harder for third parties to track your online activities and prevent them from charging you different prices and displaying intrusive advertising based on your IP address’ browsing history
  • Allow you to select entry servers in different countries to tailor web content to a location of your choosing

Convinced? We’ve done some testing, shopping around and here three providers we can recommend:

CyberGhost PIA ExpressVPN
Pricing Options $2.77/month yearly (special offer)
$4.99/month for 6-months
$11.99/month monthly
$2.91/month for 2 years
$3.33/month yearly
$6.95/month monthly
$6.67/month yearly (Special offer)
$9.99/month for 6-months
$12.95/month monthly
Guarantee 30 days money back 7 days money back 30 days money back
# of devices Up to 7 Up to 5 Up to 5
# of servers 1800 servers worldwide 3,059 Servers in 28 Countries 3,000 Servers in 94 countries
Support Options Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base
Live Chat (24/7)
Jurisdiction Romania: No data retention laws.
No activity logs. No connection logs
No activity logs. No connection logs
British Virgin Islands: No data retention laws.
No activity logs. No connection logs
Comments Kill switch
Very P2P/Downloading Friendly
More complex interface
Best for advanced users
Torrenting/P2P/Download Friendly
Best for US users
3 Months Free!

All VPNs we recommend:

  • Have apps for multiple operating systems, including Android
  • Work well with FrostWire VPN drop protection feature
  • Provide full encryption
  • Do not log activity
  • Are BitTorrent friendly
  • Have no bandwidth or download speed limits
  • Accept multiple payment options and money back guarantees
  • Allow you to cancel any time

Here are some other ones we’ve tested and were happy with:

What happens if I download or browse the web without a VPN service:

  • The websites you visit can uniquely identify you by your IP address and location information
  • Your ISP, the government and other third parties can monitor what websites and services you're using and what files you download
  • Hackers and other malicious parties can intercept your data (passwords) and hack into your accounts (especially important if you bank online or use cryptocurrencies)

In general:

  • Stay away from free VPN options - they don’t provide you with nearly as good of a reliability and privacy the proper services do
  • Don’t trust sites that rank VPNs - most of them are set up to collect affiliate commissions and will feature best paying provider as ‘The Best’
  • Don’t be afraid to test several providers and ask for money back at the end of your period
  • Test multiple servers to find the once that work best for you
  • Contact their tech support with issues or optimization questions

Disclosure: Whenever you purchase a subscription from any of the services we recommend for FrostWire, we earn a small commission, which helps us keep FrostWire free for all users.