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FrostWire Plus

with SoundCloud and YouTube Downloader
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BitTorrent Client and Cloud File Downloader

FrostWire Plus

with SoundCloud & YouTube Downloader

In-App Search

Just type your keyword and go! FrostWire connects to many different torrent search engines and websites to find the files you are looking for - all in one place.

Fast and Easy Downloads

Download any file with one click. On desktop, you can even hand-pick single files from torrent transfers
or preview files from cloud sources before you download.

Media Player & Library

Easily access, browse and play all your media in one place.
Including gesture-based audio player for Android!
New Media Player for FrostWire for Android

Share Your Files

Whether you want to transfer files to your phone, share them with just your friends over local wi-fi or create a torrent to share with the entire world - we’ve got you covered.
FrostWire and Sharing files over Wi-Fi

Download Free Music

Browse through FrostWire's favorite featured artists sharing their music with you under Creative Commons or check out thousands of free downloads and content reviews from

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