Protect Your Privacy

VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network. It's a service that provides you a secure encrypted connection to other computers on the internet, some VPN services also provide anonymity when connecting to servers and other computers online. If you do not connect to the internet via VPN, all information coming out of your computer, including your IP address, is open to whoever wants to access them.

What are the benefits of VPN?

Your privacy is a fundamental Human Right as recognized by the United Nations, it is non-negotiable, it is your right and a VPN connection helps you preserve it.

With a VPN whatever you do online is transfered encrypted:

  • - your internet searches
  • - personal & identifiable information you type into websites
  • - your emails and private messages
  • - the files you download or share

With a VPN connection no outside entity, no corporation, government or even your internet service provider, can spy on you. In addition, your connection is secured even when using public Wi-Fi spots, which is especially important if you use online banking, transfer sensitive data during that time, or even bypass privacy-invading firewall rules which could be used to censor or monitor your access to certain websites by a local network administrator.

Most of all, your connection is always secured so your personal information, including your IP address, is never revealed.

How does it work?

You have to sign up for a VPN service and obtain a username and password for authentication. You then download and install a very tiny piece of software or an app that, upon a sign in, lets you choose a location of where you want to connect to. Your device then connects to servers in that location and those servers then pass on the connection to wherever you wanted to go. Your destination website will see your connection as coming from the VPN servers and your identity will not be revealed. More here.

Does FrostWire work with VPN services?

FrostWire, both for Android and for Desktop, works seamlessly with most VPN services. This means that however you connect to the internet - with or without the VPN - FrostWire will still search and download without any adjustment in settings on your part.

Which VPN to use?

We've tested about ten different providers (there are many more!), but we can honestly recommend ExpressVPN - it is a very fast & trustworthy (they keep no logs) service provider. Here are the reasons:

  • - No logging - the most anonymous VPN Service we know about
  • - Really easy to use (we like easy!) - install, then one click
  • - Solid infrastructure: worldwide coverage with 78 countries, massive network with 1000+ VPN servers
  • - Unlimited bandwidth and server switches
  • - Available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac and you can use it on one desktop and one mobile device at the same time 24/7
  • - Support by online Live Chat (yes, we tried! they are there at 4am!)
  • - Pay your fees in Bitcoin (we like cryptocurrencies!), PayPal, credit cards and more - pretty much however you want! 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee - they will really refund your money within 30 days if you don’t like it. No questions asked

Get your VPN and search the web & download free of worry - always secure and anonymous.